Name: Alicia Engla
Nickname: Ali
Superhero Name: . . .
Power: . . .
Class: High
Age: 12 (but she looks 8)
Gender: Female
Likes: Dogs, spending time with her family, sweets, tea, good food
Dislikes: People assuming that she’s eight, insults to her family, horror stories, bullies, practical jokes
History: Alicia is a very gentle girl, and has lived a very sheltered life.  Small for her age, Alicia is fragile; so fragile, in fact, that going to school was simply not an option for her.  Instead, Alicia was tutored at home by Mr. Andre Benoit, a very talented tutor, ever since she was four.  However, recently her doctors noticed some improvement, and after a series of tests, told her parents that she was strong enough to start going to school–as long as she didn’t over-exert herself.  But Alicia has had horror stories about school muttered in her ear every time Marlin (one of her neighbors) comes over. . . and as such has become frightened of the very prospect of school. . . .
Description: Curly blond hair, very pale skin, bright, innocent blue eyes.  When not at school she usually wears a frilly, lacy, light dress.  Most of the time she is smiling sweetly.
Owner: Cloud

Alliance Good/Evil: . . .Who knows?

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One Response to “Alicia “Ali” Engla”

  1. […] piece I’d like to share with y’all is titled Angel.  It features Cloud’s OC Alicia from the Tales From New Bruntum role-play.  It’s one of the few pieces of art I made for that […]

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