Oops 1

September 9, 2014

December 11, 2013.

Jakson woke up that, well, let’s just say it was morning because in solitary confinement cells there are no windows.  On the other hand, the “door” to the next cell was fairly wide…  Not that Jakson knew how he had done that, but he had the idea that if he touched something and and willed it a hole would open.  Which is how he had gotten out of the past 7 high security prisons.  At the moment, the guy in the cell next to him, who looked like he wore size 18 shoes and perhaps a 50 waist, was just getting up.

“uh-oh” Jakson thought, realizing that not many people are happy to wake up with holes in their walls, regardless if it’s your prison wall.  He hadn’t tried that stunt in the past prisons.  The giant got up, saw the hole, sat stunned for a moment, than promptly got up and throttled Jakson.

“sssttooopp iiiitt!!”  Jakson managed to get out around the screaming rage of the giant.  A few well placed kicks quickly changed the screaming to mewling.  After Jakson managed to start breathing normally again, he spat on the giant, and laid him out with a single punch.

It actually isn’t that hard too get out of high security prisons.  Just act dead, then wake up at the burial.  Jakson knew this, but was a bit of a theatricalist, and decided to do the exact same thing he always did.  Just go straight out.  He would just go straight through walls, people, trucks, bullets, you name it.  He was fairly certain the ability came from his reactor going critical, but didn’t understand the rest of what had happened.  All he knew now was that his neighborhood was gone, and he, who was standing right next to the truck sized reactor, was alive, and now had the ability to make holes in things.  Altogether a pretty nice result.  He was upset about his parents, but had other things to worry about.  In come the guards.


Aurelia: Vision 4

March 12, 2013

Aurelia smiled. She answered all but the school-related question…. “I enjoy the dessert, they usually have a different dessert everyday. I’ve never seen them repeat a recipe.” It was true. not once in her three years at the highschool did she ever see a repeated dessert.

“He is interesting, I never thought I would meet a man as lively as him. I can’t say that he isn’t an interesting character, but sometimes I think he relies on his cookies as distraction too much.” Aurelia said carefully. She respected the principal, but sometimes she found him quite… annoying.

Aurelia noticed the looks everyone gave Stephanie, she knew something was up. Aurelia wanted to be a friend of Stephanie’s. Partially because of pity, but mostly because Stephanie seemed like an interesting person in general. The thought made Aurelia chuckle.

Aurelia: Vision 3

October 29, 2012

Aurelia smiled. “So Stephanie Blake, what school did you go to last? I don’t remember you being here last year.” she asked.Aurelia noticed that the students started to glance at the two. Aurelia wasn’t someone who was extremely popular, but she did have a better-than-normal status. No one would oppose to Aurelia’s actions, because Aurelia’s knowledge and advanced speaking skills intimidated them. They respected her.”So, how do you like your lunch? We have professional chefs cooking for us, although one day I want to try normal people’s food. Like burgers and such. Weird huh?” Aurelia laughed softly. “Have you met the principal yet? He’s a very extraordinary character.” She grinned at Stephanie, not letting her answer the rapid fired questions.

Aurelia: Vision 1

July 26, 2012

Aurelia smiled at the woman at the front desk. “My name is Aurelia Allette, may I have my class schedule?” she asked. Aurelia had a schedule change at the last minute. Aurelia’s parents had wanted her to take more AP classes than what she chose. Of course, she had to listen to them. Well, not really. She just felt that she had a duty to listen to them, and be the child they wanted. Someone perfect, who would inherited both companies. Her father’s electronic company, Tera, and her mother’s designer line, Allegro. Aurelia sighed. “Here you go Miss Allette. Have a nice day.” the woman gave a smile. Aurelia glanced at the woman’s name tag. “Thank you Ms.Herlington.” Aurelia smiled and went off, but not before hearing Ms.Herlington mumble to herself. “What a nice child, so beautiful and smart.” this made Aurelia frown, not that the woman noticed.

After entering an empty hallway, she leaned onto the wall. Her eye looked dull and she looked exhausted. Her other one, the left one, was hidden under her bangs. She was blind in that eye, not that anyone knew or anything. “Ugh.” she looked around to make sure no one was around, and clasped her hands. Dear God, if you are listening to me, please answer my prayer. I want to be myself, do things I like. I don’t want to live up to expectations all the time. Please…. the bell suddenly rang. Aurelia’s eyes flew open and she went to homeroom, without another thought.

Stephanie: Strike 1

May 8, 2012

Stephanie Blake put down her fork, feeling queasy.  This was it: The first day of her new school life.

The prospect wasn’t appealing.

She knew that thousands of other students transferred to a new school for their junior year–it wasn’t a groundbreaking procedure.  Still, she doubted that those other students transferred to a school halfway across the city, with enough baggage that even the librarians looked askance at them when they walked through the door.

Hence, her nerves.

“It will be fine, cherie,” her mother said.  “It’s just a new school, no?”

“Yes, Maman,” Stephanie said.  She picked up her fork again and poked at her pancakes, remembering the accusing stare of the principal, as if he couldn’t imagine why someone like her would dare to enroll in his school.

Stephanie sighed.  She didn’t think that it would be a very good day.

Tales From New Bruntum

January 16, 2012

This is a RP (role-play) pertaining people. More info will be given as soon as the actual plot develops that is hidden for now.


√ No Godmodding
√ PG 13 (for someone who might use violence >.> or mild swearing)

√ Make your posts nice to look at: color, name of character, and a picture are the minimum requirments…
√ At least 2-4 lines minimum
√ Have fun~

Снагаcтєг Ргоfιlє

Name: [first, last]
Superhero Name: [any]
Class: [High, Middle, Low]
Age: [any]
Gender: [Male, Female]
Likes: [minimum is 3]
Dislikes: [minimum is 3]
History: [any, longer than 3 sentences]
Picture/Description: [either picture or description]
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