Oops 1

September 9, 2014

December 11, 2013.

Jakson woke up that, well, let’s just say it was morning because in solitary confinement cells there are no windows.  On the other hand, the “door” to the next cell was fairly wide…  Not that Jakson knew how he had done that, but he had the idea that if he touched something and and willed it a hole would open.  Which is how he had gotten out of the past 7 high security prisons.  At the moment, the guy in the cell next to him, who looked like he wore size 18 shoes and perhaps a 50 waist, was just getting up.

“uh-oh” Jakson thought, realizing that not many people are happy to wake up with holes in their walls, regardless if it’s your prison wall.  He hadn’t tried that stunt in the past prisons.  The giant got up, saw the hole, sat stunned for a moment, than promptly got up and throttled Jakson.

“sssttooopp iiiitt!!”  Jakson managed to get out around the screaming rage of the giant.  A few well placed kicks quickly changed the screaming to mewling.  After Jakson managed to start breathing normally again, he spat on the giant, and laid him out with a single punch.

It actually isn’t that hard too get out of high security prisons.  Just act dead, then wake up at the burial.  Jakson knew this, but was a bit of a theatricalist, and decided to do the exact same thing he always did.  Just go straight out.  He would just go straight through walls, people, trucks, bullets, you name it.  He was fairly certain the ability came from his reactor going critical, but didn’t understand the rest of what had happened.  All he knew now was that his neighborhood was gone, and he, who was standing right next to the truck sized reactor, was alive, and now had the ability to make holes in things.  Altogether a pretty nice result.  He was upset about his parents, but had other things to worry about.  In come the guards.


Before the Oops

June 20, 2012

     Jakson woke up in his room.  He looked at his beat up old alarm clock and groaned.  Late for school again.  Not that it really matters when you learn online advanced courses at least  3 grades ahead of the norm.  And are doing several odd science expirements at a time.  The currently biggest one was powering his neighborhood.  Jakson had deducted that the easiest way to do such was to build a low power nuclear reactor for the area.  It was cleaner *ish* than a coal plant, and definitaly cheaper.  The hardest problem was keeping it safe.

If the protective covering wasn’t on right or there wasn’t enough than a: the reactor would implode/explode, and Jakson didn’t know which would be worse, or b: the reactor would leak gamma rays and beta rays, and that would be the worst thing because no one would know.