Aurelia: Vision 4

March 12, 2013

Aurelia smiled. She answered all but the school-related question…. “I enjoy the dessert, they usually have a different dessert everyday. I’ve never seen them repeat a recipe.” It was true. not once in her three years at the highschool did she ever see a repeated dessert.

“He is interesting, I never thought I would meet a man as lively as him. I can’t say that he isn’t an interesting character, but sometimes I think he relies on his cookies as distraction too much.” Aurelia said carefully. She respected the principal, but sometimes she found him quite… annoying.

Aurelia noticed the looks everyone gave Stephanie, she knew something was up. Aurelia wanted to be a friend of Stephanie’s. Partially because of pity, but mostly because Stephanie seemed like an interesting person in general. The thought made Aurelia chuckle.


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