Aurelia: Vision 2

September 13, 2012

Aurelia entered the classroom and sat down. Her teacher was Ms. Delaney. How odd, Aurelia didn’t know this teacher, but she looked quite familiar. Aurelia couldn’t shake off the feeling. It was… a bad feeling. She didn’t know specifically what type of bad, but it was bad.

“Stephanie Blake?” Ms. Delaney called.


“This is your first year here, right?”  Ms. Delaney looked at her speculatively over her glasses.  “You’ll need a guide. . . .  Is there anyone who’d like to volunteer?”

No one raised their hands. Instead they were all pointedly ignoring the girl. Ah, I should volunteer… Aurelia raised her hand high and with a strong voice. “I’ll do it Ms. Delaney. I volunteer.” Ms. Delaney smiled. “I know.” Aurelia tilted her head, obviously confused.

“Alright Stephanie, your guide will be Aurelia.” Ms. Delaney said. Aurelia smiled at Stephanie. Maybe this year won’t be so bad…
OOC: I just realized there’s a small Hunger Games reference here, any guesses?


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