Aurelia: Vision 1

July 26, 2012

Aurelia smiled at the woman at the front desk. “My name is Aurelia Allette, may I have my class schedule?” she asked. Aurelia had a schedule change at the last minute. Aurelia’s parents had wanted her to take more AP classes than what she chose. Of course, she had to listen to them. Well, not really. She just felt that she had a duty to listen to them, and be the child they wanted. Someone perfect, who would inherited both companies. Her father’s electronic company, Tera, and her mother’s designer line, Allegro. Aurelia sighed. “Here you go Miss Allette. Have a nice day.” the woman gave a smile. Aurelia glanced at the woman’s name tag. “Thank you Ms.Herlington.” Aurelia smiled and went off, but not before hearing Ms.Herlington mumble to herself. “What a nice child, so beautiful and smart.” this made Aurelia frown, not that the woman noticed.

After entering an empty hallway, she leaned onto the wall. Her eye looked dull and she looked exhausted. Her other one, the left one, was hidden under her bangs. She was blind in that eye, not that anyone knew or anything. “Ugh.” she looked around to make sure no one was around, and clasped her hands. Dear God, if you are listening to me, please answer my prayer. I want to be myself, do things I like. I don’t want to live up to expectations all the time. Please…. the bell suddenly rang. Aurelia’s eyes flew open and she went to homeroom, without another thought.