Tales From New Bruntum

January 16, 2012

This is a RP (role-play) pertaining people. More info will be given as soon as the actual plot develops that is hidden for now.


√ No Godmodding
√ PG 13 (for someone who might use violence >.> or mild swearing)

√ Make your posts nice to look at: color, name of character, and a picture are the minimum requirments…
√ At least 2-4 lines minimum
√ Have fun~

Снагаcтєг Ргоfιlє

Name: [first, last]
Superhero Name: [any]
Class: [High, Middle, Low]
Age: [any]
Gender: [Male, Female]
Likes: [minimum is 3]
Dislikes: [minimum is 3]
History: [any, longer than 3 sentences]
Picture/Description: [either picture or description]
Owner: [YOUR pen name]


None so far…