Oops 1

September 9, 2014

December 11, 2013.

Jakson woke up that, well, let’s just say it was morning because in solitary confinement cells there are no windows.  On the other hand, the “door” to the next cell was fairly wide…  Not that Jakson knew how he had done that, but he had the idea that if he touched something and and willed it a hole would open.  Which is how he had gotten out of the past 7 high security prisons.  At the moment, the guy in the cell next to him, who looked like he wore size 18 shoes and perhaps a 50 waist, was just getting up.

“uh-oh” Jakson thought, realizing that not many people are happy to wake up with holes in their walls, regardless if it’s your prison wall.  He hadn’t tried that stunt in the past prisons.  The giant got up, saw the hole, sat stunned for a moment, than promptly got up and throttled Jakson.

“sssttooopp iiiitt!!”  Jakson managed to get out around the screaming rage of the giant.  A few well placed kicks quickly changed the screaming to mewling.  After Jakson managed to start breathing normally again, he spat on the giant, and laid him out with a single punch.

It actually isn’t that hard too get out of high security prisons.  Just act dead, then wake up at the burial.  Jakson knew this, but was a bit of a theatricalist, and decided to do the exact same thing he always did.  Just go straight out.  He would just go straight through walls, people, trucks, bullets, you name it.  He was fairly certain the ability came from his reactor going critical, but didn’t understand the rest of what had happened.  All he knew now was that his neighborhood was gone, and he, who was standing right next to the truck sized reactor, was alive, and now had the ability to make holes in things.  Altogether a pretty nice result.  He was upset about his parents, but had other things to worry about.  In come the guards.


Alicia stood outside the principal’s door, fidgeting and feeling faint with worry. Kiva had given her a quick smile and then run back to the cafeteria to finish lunch. Not that it would have helped much if she had stayed, for Alicia was too deep in her thoughts for something like that to matter.

Did I do something wrong? she thought frantically. Am I in trouble? I-I don’t think I broke any rules. . . did I break any rules?

She pulled out her student handbook and flipped to the rules page, scanning them.

No, not according to this. . .

A movement caught her eye, and she glanced at the two girls approaching and edged over slightly to give them more room, all without really seeing them.

What if I did something awful without realizing it? she fretted. What if I get expelled?!? What if–

Her thoughts were interrupted when the principal’s secretary opened the door.

“Alicia Engla?”

“Y-yes, ma’am?” she said.

“Principal Delaney will see you now.”

Alicia gulped, giving her blouse a tug to straighten it, and walked through the door with a growing sense of doom.

The end of lunch was punctuated by a hand descending on Stephanie’s shoulder.

She jumped, then glanced over her shoulder.  Ms. Delaney smiled at her.  “Stephanie, I’m sorry to startle you.  Principal Delaney would like to speak with you after class.”

“Yes, of course,” Stephanie said.  She watched, a little warily, as Ms. Delaney shifted her gaze to another student and began to walk away, saying, “David, a quick word. . . . ”

Why didn’t she wait until the end of the day? Stephanie wondered.  Ms. Delaney continued to circulate around the lunchroom, speaking to students.

“Does she always do that?” she asked Aurelia.  “Deliver messages at lunchtime, I mean.”  It seemed highly irregular; Ms. Delaney, and indeed the other teachers she had met, went out of their way to befriend and communicate with students.  At her old school, they would have just done the minimum–unless–

Ah, but this isn’t my old school.  She tried to relax and listen to Aurelia’s response.  It wasn’t her old school, and old suspicions weren’t necessary.


Alicia, Mask 3.

March 17, 2013

Alicia looked at what was left of her spaghetti, wincing as the noise in the cafeteria went up another notch. Kids shouted over each other to be heard, and the noise was beginning to give her a headache.

“The cafeteria is one of my favorite places in the school,” Kiva said cheerily, raising her voice to be heard over the din. Her gung-ho attitude hadn’t faded as they walked to the cafeteria–on the contrary, she seemed to get even more bubbly and excited, listing random facts, criticisms, and comments about whatever part of the school that they were in at that time. “It has such a cheerful color scheme, and the food is always really good! Have you decided what dessert you want? I recommend the apple pie. Or the chocolate cake, if you don’t feel like apple pie. Both of them are delicious!”

Suddenly Alicia couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get away from all the noise and bustle of the cafeteria. Putting on a smile that she didn’t feel, she stood up.

“Alicia?” Kiva said questioningly.

“I’ll be right back,” she replied. Then she turned and ran out of the cafeteria.


Alicia stared at herself in the mirror, gripping the edge of the sink tightly as she leaned closer to her reflection. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, calming herself down. Someone knocked on the door of the bathroom.

“Are you okay?” Kiva asked, her voice slightly muffled by the door.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Alicia called, the fake smile appearing on her face again. She inspected it in the mirror. For a fake smile, it looked very real–in fact, if Alicia had seen that smile on another girl, she would have thought that that girl was having an amazing time, and not that she was hiding her feelings. It’s like I’m wearing a mask, Alicia thought.

“Well, don’t take too long, okay? Apparently Principal Delaney wants to talk to you–and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Aurelia: Vision 4

March 12, 2013

Aurelia smiled. She answered all but the school-related question…. “I enjoy the dessert, they usually have a different dessert everyday. I’ve never seen them repeat a recipe.” It was true. not once in her three years at the highschool did she ever see a repeated dessert.

“He is interesting, I never thought I would meet a man as lively as him. I can’t say that he isn’t an interesting character, but sometimes I think he relies on his cookies as distraction too much.” Aurelia said carefully. She respected the principal, but sometimes she found him quite… annoying.

Aurelia noticed the looks everyone gave Stephanie, she knew something was up. Aurelia wanted to be a friend of Stephanie’s. Partially because of pity, but mostly because Stephanie seemed like an interesting person in general. The thought made Aurelia chuckle.

Stephanie: Strike Four

December 3, 2012

Stephanie blinked, staring at Aurelia over her lasagna.  “Lunch is. . . good,” she said, trying to remember all of the questions.  Except the school one.  That one she was trying to forget. “I can tell that it’s prepared by professionals.  And I’ve met the principal.  He. . . .”  Hates me, she finished in her mind.  Wants to believe the evidence, can’t because it’s untrue.  Wants to expel me, can’t because of the laws.

“He’s interesting,” she said, and bit her lip, partially because she was trying to keep the other words in and partially because she was confused.

Why was Aurelia asking all of these questions?  Was it just because she was her guide?  Well, if it was, it was totally unnecessary.


Except for the fact that she’d take a pity vote right now.

Aurelia: Vision 3

October 29, 2012

Aurelia smiled. “So Stephanie Blake, what school did you go to last? I don’t remember you being here last year.” she asked.Aurelia noticed that the students started to glance at the two. Aurelia wasn’t someone who was extremely popular, but she did have a better-than-normal status. No one would oppose to Aurelia’s actions, because Aurelia’s knowledge and advanced speaking skills intimidated them. They respected her.”So, how do you like your lunch? We have professional chefs cooking for us, although one day I want to try normal people’s food. Like burgers and such. Weird huh?” Aurelia laughed softly. “Have you met the principal yet? He’s a very extraordinary character.” She grinned at Stephanie, not letting her answer the rapid fired questions.

Stephanie: Strike 3

October 25, 2012

Aurelia was nice.  Quiet, but nice.  She was certainly very different from the other students, who were still averting their eyes and sliding aside whenever Stephanie passed.

As if I didn’t exist.

Stephanie was beginning to get used to the thought. As if I didn’t exist. Well, she did exist, and just ignoring her wouldn’t change that.

As Aurelia had noticed.

Why did she volunteer? Stephanie fiddled with a strand of black hair as Aurelia quietly pointed out the high school cafeteria.  It’s obvious that everyone else is shunning me.  Did she feel sorry for me?

Well, she’d take a pity vote right now.  Pathetic, she knew, but the summer had been rough with only her family bothering to talk civilly to her.

Stephanie absently asked the server for lasagna, still thinking.  It was possible that this was another tactic by the other students to ostracize her by giving her a friend–and then, when life didn’t seem so miserable after all, the “friend” would turn on her.

If my brother could hear me now, Stephanie thought wryly as she paid for her lunch.  He always jeered at her for jumping to conclusions, for developing conspiracy theories without the facts to back them up.  Though in this case, it was a valid idea:  Kids (and teens!) can be amazingly cruel, as she had noticed.

But it didn’t seem like Aurelia would do that.

So maybe. . . if this wasn’t a conspiracy. . . maybe Aurelia was truly willing to stretch out a hand to a girl in need.  And maybe. . . just maybe. . . after the guiding gig was done, she would be willing to be actual friends.

Stephanie smiled as she took a seat at a table.  Maybe this year wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Alicia: Mask 2

September 19, 2012

Alicia swallowed nervously. She had been in class for a couple of hours now. The teacher explained things well, and the work itself wasn’t too hard. . .

But everyone was staring at her. Some were only stealing glances at her out of the corners of their eyes, but others were outright staring at her, watching her every movement.

Needless to say, it was starting to freak her out.

It doesn’t help that I’m a head-and-a-half shorter than everyone else, Alicia thought, glancing quickly at the boy sitting next to her. She had to look far up, just to meet his gaze. He was staring at her, but he looked away hastily when his eyes met hers.

She had always known that she was small, but being among kids her own age and having them tower above her really drove the point home. Alicia gave a small sigh. Well, she thought, noting down what the teacher said in her notebook, I hope my neck doesn’t get cramped from looking up all the time.

The bell rang, and Alicia flinched. It was so loud!

“Lunchtime.” the teacher said. “Before you all go. . . Alicia Engla?”

Alicia looked up at the teacher.

“Yes, Ma’am?” she asked, trying to ignore the whispers that flew around the room.

“You’re new, correct?”

Alicia nodded. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Then you’ll require a guide. Who would like to show Alicia around the campus?”

Instantly, at least half the class raised their hands. Alicia leaned against the back of her seat, her eyes wide. Nobody had mentioned having a guide. . . and so many people volunteered. . .

“My, my.” the teacher said, amused. “You can’t all show Alicia around. Let’s see. . . Kiva, you can be Alicia’s guide. Dismissed.”

There was a couple of ‘aww‘s, but for the most part the volunteers took the news good-naturedly. Kiva, a slender girl with fair skin, brown hair and laughing brown eyes, came over to Alicia’s seat.

“Hello!” she said, holding out a hand to help Alicia up. “I’m Kiva. I’ve studied at New Bruntum Preparatory Academy since kindergarten. You’re Alicia, right?”

Alicia took the offered hand and stood up.

“Yes, I am Alicia. It’s very nice to meet you, Kiva.”

Kiva smiled, gesturing towards the door.

“It’s nice to meet you, too. Are you hungry?”

Alicia nodded.

“So am I. Since it’s the first day, the chefs like to make an exceptionally good meal.” Kiva said with a smile. “So, our first stop in your grand tour of the school will be the cafeteria! Let’s go!

Alicia shook her head slightly as she followed Kiva out of the classroom. Kiva seems like a sweet girl, she thought. Maybe school won’t be so bad after all?

Aurelia: Vision 2

September 13, 2012

Aurelia entered the classroom and sat down. Her teacher was Ms. Delaney. How odd, Aurelia didn’t know this teacher, but she looked quite familiar. Aurelia couldn’t shake off the feeling. It was… a bad feeling. She didn’t know specifically what type of bad, but it was bad.

“Stephanie Blake?” Ms. Delaney called.


“This is your first year here, right?”  Ms. Delaney looked at her speculatively over her glasses.  “You’ll need a guide. . . .  Is there anyone who’d like to volunteer?”

No one raised their hands. Instead they were all pointedly ignoring the girl. Ah, I should volunteer… Aurelia raised her hand high and with a strong voice. “I’ll do it Ms. Delaney. I volunteer.” Ms. Delaney smiled. “I know.” Aurelia tilted her head, obviously confused.

“Alright Stephanie, your guide will be Aurelia.” Ms. Delaney said. Aurelia smiled at Stephanie. Maybe this year won’t be so bad…
OOC: I just realized there’s a small Hunger Games reference here, any guesses?